"Mirin Dajo stands silently in the middle of the room, bare to the waist. In the twinkling of an eye an assistant steps behind him and rams the blade with full force in the back of his body, in the latitude of his kidney.

Deathly silence. Open-mouthed, students and doctors of medicine examine the Dutchman. No doubt: a 80 centimetre long foil is stuck in his naked waist and juts out on his front side with more than a handbreadth! Over and above that no single drop of blood flows. They had never seen something similar before..."

Who was this mysterious Dutchman who had transfixed his body for several times by doctors and professors without the arms having the lightest chance to harm him?

For several months the author interviewed eyewitnesses and persons concerned. To the last detail he brings up again this sheer unbelievable story of a forgotten prophet struggling for peace with his paranormal power and who could even win a smile from the death.

Fantastic journeys in another world, which let his inside triumph over his outside, let forget the pain and woke up his healing power.

"What I try to make clear is a knowledge from time immemorial but mostly announced in secret only", emphasizes Mirin Dajo. Sensational photos and films presumed to be lost reveal the tragic secret of the "inviolable". An extraordinary story about an extraordinary man.

Kopp Verlag, Rottenburg 2004
ISBN: 3-930219-74-3
EURO: 19.90
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